Successful IT assistants are results-oriented individuals who love to tackle tough problems and find creative solutions. They are as comfortable interacting with people as they are with installing a computer network, and they excel at applying their skills to unfamiliar issues. In addition to these general personality traits and attributes, employers are looking for IT assistants with the following skills and qualifications:

Computer network skills –

it is essential that IT assistants have extensive knowledge of the inner workings of computer networks, as well as how to operate and repair them

Peripheral skills –

because they’ll be installing and repairing a number of peripherals, it’s important that IT assistants be able to analyze and work with peripherals they may have never encountered before

Attention to detail –

since they’ll be keeping detailed records and working with highly complex networks, IT assistants must have excellent attention to detail

Communication skills –

IT assistants will be required to work with colleagues and customers on a daily basis, thus, they have to have well-developed written and verbal communication skills

Job Type: Full Time

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